One year ago today, I joined the wiki and submitted my first pasta, The Follower: Paul's Story. I panicked when it was marked for review and then realized I should have put it the writer's workshop first. I did so afterwards and ended up getting some help in fleshing out the story and fixing awkward phrasing. I ended up writing a sequel, The Follower: Linda's Guilt, and a third part, The Follower: Tom's Regret. I haven't gotten much feedback on the third part in the series and would love it if someone would check it out. I'm currently working on part 4, "Monica's Phone."

I'm really glad I stumbled upon creepypasta wiki. For years I thought of myself as a musician, but I got tired of putting my personal feelings on display for nincompoops. Writing short stories has given me a whole new way to express myself through other characters and situations, instead of just whining on the mic, lol. I really got fed up with the fact that I couldn't seem to write songs anymore that weren't cryptic and depressing. Creepypastas can be cryptic and depressing, but it's different for some reason.

The stuff I've written over the past year has given me a sense of accomplishment that I haven't had in a long time, and it's nice that I get positive feedback from people. I also really appreciate that people have expressed that they respect my opinion. It's nice to know I'm not just filling the wiki with useless comments. Though, I was at first. I remember one comment I made that was just: Ready... set... TERRIBLE.

A big thanks to the admins for... well... everything? Here we go with YEAR TWO! *disappears from wiki next day*