So I've been watching these movies on youtube from Kings of Horror. They're really bad but some are AWESOMELY bad. The most entertaining ones I've seen so far are The Meat Puppet and Carne: The Taco Maker, and No Tell Motel was pretty good (bad) too. If you've seen some as well and want to recommend any PLEASE DO!

One in particular, The Jester, was too bad to enjoy but I got inspired to add lyrics to a montage from the movie. Here's that video and a bonus DBZ parody to boot. And yeah, I know... it's not Deleted Creepypasta Theater... whatever! I've been busy!

The Jester - Out of Context Montage Sing-a-Long02:46

The Jester - Out of Context Montage Sing-a-Long

Dragonball Z Kai Opening (PARODY)01:25

Dragonball Z Kai Opening (PARODY)