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  • Umbrello

    I'm still doing Deleted Creepypasta Theater, but now I'll also be doing a series called Storytime with Martha & Reginald where I impersonate a hoity-toity elderly couple reading creepypastas and other works of fiction. Here's the first episode: Annie96 Is Typing...

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  • Umbrello

    I started a new youtube series that is in no way creepypasta related but I figured I'd talk about it anyway.

    Basically, I play Pokemon Leaf Green, but I take out the music and replace it with an infamous soundtrack loop from The Ring: Terror's Realm for Sega Dreamcast. Then I sing all of the text in a "Trapped in the Closet" style musical that will make you chuckle and also get stuck in your head. Confused? You should be! Intrigued? Then check it out!

    Instead of uploading I'll just put the link:

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  • Umbrello

    Well... it happened... I wrote my own Jeff reboot. I just posted it to wattpad and am looking for reviews. No one's seen it yet so I'm sure people will find things that need to be fixed. I'm going to give it another look tommorrow with fresh eyes, but I'm so excited that it's finished I just had to upload it now. So anyway... check it out! I promise you will be surprised!

    Jeff the Killer: I Feel Nothing, I Fear Nothing

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  • Umbrello

    I just uploaded my first video in a new series I call Deleted Creepypasta Theater where I narrate pastas that were deleted for failure to meet the minimum quality standards. My first victim - I mean narration is a pasta called "Lucy Juicy". Please watch and comment if you like it! If you are the author... well... um... yeahhhh............... o.o

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  • Umbrello

    Creepy Clown Epidemic

    October 8, 2016 by Umbrello

    Has everyone heard about the "creepy clown sightings"? The most common example being people dressed as clowns standing in the woods near places frequented by children, sometimes trying to lure them with promises of candy or cash. So far no children have been reported to have been attacked, but a few adults have claimed to have been. Some people are lying, but a lot of the sightings are real.

    So why do you think this started? Will it get worse? Will professional clowns have a difficult time getting work? Will people write more clown pastas? Will "It" and "Killer Clowns From Outer Space" come back into theaters for a limited time? Personally, I hate clowns. If I saw one I would scream, "CLOWN!!!!" and run.

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