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  • Umbrello

    If you haven't seen my youtube series "Storytime with Martha & Reginald" it's basically me impersonating two snooty old people reading creepypastas. I decided to have them read pastas by our best authors and I started with Humbolt Lycanthrope! (Empy and Banning to follow, and then I dunno we'll see) Can Martha deal with the disgusting imagery and immoral implications long enough to finish the story???

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  • Umbrello

    I come downstairs and my mom has the TV paused and this is what I see. I couldn't help laughing. So... let's write captions! Like this:

    Sara (left): I think I'm Goku! Am I Goku???

    Sharon (right): Honey, you ain't shit. I'm doin' that wit muh miiiiiiiiind, girrrrl.

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  • Umbrello

    Hey everyone! Holidays got you down? Or up? Or sideways? Then settle down and snuggle up with a nice hot cup of Deleted Creepypasta Theater and laugh yourself merry!

    Listen to what these actual people are saying about the latest cinematic masterpiece... "Snowy Dillon" :

    "You ain't seen shit 'less you seen dat Snowy Dillon!" - Snoop Dogg
    "It was exigent!" - Taylor Swift
    "I tried to watch it but I was having trouble with my internet connection." - Mark Zuckerberg

    Don't miss the event of the season!

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  • Umbrello

    I'm still doing Deleted Creepypasta Theater, but now I'll also be doing a series called Storytime with Martha & Reginald where I impersonate a hoity-toity elderly couple reading creepypastas and other works of fiction. Here's the first episode: Annie96 Is Typing...

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  • Umbrello

    I started a new youtube series that is in no way creepypasta related but I figured I'd talk about it anyway.

    Basically, I play Pokemon Leaf Green, but I take out the music and replace it with an infamous soundtrack loop from The Ring: Terror's Realm for Sega Dreamcast. Then I sing all of the text in a "Trapped in the Closet" style musical that will make you chuckle and also get stuck in your head. Confused? You should be! Intrigued? Then check it out!

    Instead of uploading I'll just put the link:

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