• UltraFrostKitteh

    So recently I had been talking to a friend and he told me he found some old creepypasta he wrote when he was younger.

    It reminded me at one point I did the same so then the question became: "I wonder if they're still there?" 

    To my complete embarassment not only were they here but so was the cringey remains of my old teen self being a complete idiot. Good to know I had a victim complex as a teenager and couldn't read the rules like an utter inept moron. 

    Oh well, since I can't close this account instead I'm writing a message here to inform you...Whoever you may be, that this is a retired account. Never to return. 

    Let these writings become forgotten so that I may be able to forget this embarassing time in my life. 



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  • UltraFrostKitteh

    Still thinking

    September 30, 2012 by UltraFrostKitteh

    So ive those idea's are still rolling around and some new ones have been thrown into the mix i'd like to hear if anyone cares or not.

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  • UltraFrostKitteh


    September 20, 2012 by UltraFrostKitteh

    Ok so i've got two new story ideas rolling around in my head, i came up with two story titles.

    1. The next installment of my season series "The Day The Flowers Bloomed"


    2. A new story idea i thought of called "Hail Storm House"

    If anyone is reading this i would like to hear which one you perfer!

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  • UltraFrostKitteh

    New story

    September 17, 2012 by UltraFrostKitteh

    So i'm putting up a new story i wrote so i hope this one is better than the last. I read the rules this time and yea i feel stupid and would like to say sorry for my ingnorance. My new story is called (When The Leaves Fall) check it out!

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  • UltraFrostKitteh

    Round 2

    September 9, 2012 by UltraFrostKitteh

    Ok the admins care and thats awesome im glad to see them and their comments. Ok so its no secert that my first pasta was a failure but im going to try my hand at another one. Anyone have any ideas? Ah! i'm just kidding ill think of somthing besides that would be stealing.

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