• Uhavefailedthiscity97

    So basically every year during Halloween month i do a bunch of marathons of horror shows and stuff, i have some shows and movies listed so far, but i still need more lmao, any suggestions? Would be great!

    Movies so far listed:

    • Paranormal Activity[the whole series]
    • Halloween [The whole series]
    • Chucky [the whole series]
    • The House of the Devil
    • The Babadook
    • Scream [the whole series]

    TV Shows so far:

    • American Horror Story
    • Ghost Adventures
    • The Dead Files
    • Bates Motel

    I need more suggestions with the movies lmao. As for the tv shows, if anyone knows some good fictional shows would be great, and if you suggest some paranormal/supernatual non-fiction shows, it would be great too!

    Thank you guys :d

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