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  • USMCdevildog199837

    Dead man's tapes

    February 10, 2014 by USMCdevildog199837

    Story One- Beware the curse

    October 16th, I just finished watching the first tape and what ever i saw was so beyond fucked up i almost puked. Ok how the tape started was a blue screen than chatter between two people. The man with the camera and another person. I couldn't make it out but it looked like a another man with a beard. Anyways These guys were part of a news team and they had to do a story about the missing kids in a small town. Well the reporter met up with a women that was the head of Police. The camera's freaks out for a min than come back to sync. The women and the reporter are sitting down talking about the missing kids. She tell them "We been looking for these kids for months. The last place they were seen was in a park. The …

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  • USMCdevildog199837

    Hello Creepypasta. I have a gamer story to tell you that ends with my really good best friend gone missing or killed himself. What im going to tell you is what happen to me and my friend, I haven't told anyone about this not even my family. Before we begin dose anyone remember the 1981 Arcade game that make the gamer go insane? Or how about the 1996 Pokémon green game LTS (Lavender Town Syndrome). Mine is about a Xbox game that I believe killed or made my friend go missing. We begin at My birthday. I just turned 14 and I wanted a Xbox. The very first one not the new one. Anyways I ask my parents if I can get it for my birthday? At first they said no but later on they told I can have a Xbox if I get my grades up. I told them I will and sur…

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