"The bitter cold stung my fingers as the gripped the foot of the leg. I dont know if my fingers where red from the cold, or from the remaining blood from the violent inconvenience. I rammed the leg hard into the wood chipper, savouring the crunch of the bones shattering and spraying into the snow. The leg began to shake violently as the blades hit the flesh, stinging my hands extensively. In my rage I pushed hard down on the leg, and blood and flesh sprayed out, staining the snow red. The leg shook even more violently, and the blades grinded painfully. I stepped away from the wood chipper to watch it devour and excrete the limb. Large chunks of warm flesh littered the floor. I smiled with satisfaction and looked over at the limbless torso that lay behind me. This'll be heavy."

My first attempt at something gory :3