==I'm writing this to make sure this same thing doesn't happen to you as it happened to me.

I was searching the internet for free games. I came across this website that was for downloading free indie games. but, when I went to the website, my laptop crashed and had to reboot. When it started back up, there was a strange icon on the desktop: DONTPLAY.exe. I decided to open the game and play it. It looked like a normal SNES game, bad graphics. And when the title screen came up, it said the name was DONTPLAY and it had three options: Start, settings, and quit. I clicked start, and it seemed pretty good for a SNES game... until I got to level 3. It was horrible, all of the main characters were mutilated in gruseome ways, like they were decapitated, and some were gutted. I got past the 3rd level, and level 4 was worse. It was horrible. I got to the end of level 3, and when I went through the door to the next level. It didn't take me there...Instead, it took me to...well, basically, hell...and the calm music had turned to demonic backwards versions of songs like centerfold and last resort. I tried to play it, but a creature would come out of nowhere and attack my main character. that was apparently the end of the game. as it zoomed in on my character's mutilated corpse. It stuck it's hand on the screen, and the hand began to come into the real world. I slamed my laptop shut.

I still haven't played that gruseome game again...

user has been warned for this blog

thumb|309px|left|Centerfold backwards