• Tyler Huff


    January 26, 2012 by Tyler Huff

    ==I'm writing this to make sure this same thing doesn't happen to you as it happened to me.

    I was searching the internet for free games. I came across this website that was for downloading free indie games. but, when I went to the website, my laptop crashed and had to reboot. When it started back up, there was a strange icon on the desktop: DONTPLAY.exe. I decided to open the game and play it. It looked like a normal SNES game, bad graphics. And when the title screen came up, it said the name was DONTPLAY and it had three options: Start, settings, and quit. I clicked start, and it seemed pretty good for a SNES game... until I got to level 3. It was horrible, all of the main characters were mutilated in gruseome ways, like they were decapitat…

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