As I sit alone at lunch i remember that Tomorrows prom night... wich is P-E-R-F-E-C-T that i dont have a date... but as soon as start to untangle my headphones , a guy names kyle walked over to my table .. "Can i help you?" i said like the bitch i am he replied "Wow with a "Tude" like that im not sure if i want to talk anymore hahaha" he said, i roll my eyes and turn my music up as loud as i could... But he was still here...

"Hey, i was talking to you missy." he said with a funny voice

"agin can i help you?" i said once more

"you want to go to prom?" he said as fast as he could

my heart just stop for a split sec. and i just kinda looked in to his bright green eyes like he was crazy and fastly replied 

"If i say yes will you go away?" i said   "YES" he said  excitedly


It was the night of prom, I look in the broken mirror and put on my Midnight Black Lip Stick grab my Pretty pink bookbag And put my lip stick, body mist, and a knife...."have fun sweetie" Said my ill mother "i will mom" i said with an evin grin on my face...

I follow the cheap riped up paper to my school gym.. right before i enter i put the knife in my bra just to be safe.I give my ticket to the overly excited teacher standing at the table. But as soon as i walk in Guess what i see Kyle dancing with some girl.. But not just "Some girl" the girl that has to have her hands on everyones man. Kyle has his hand on her hips almost dry humping her.. I stand there with a blank look on my face.. but quickly go the the bathroom and put on my mask.As i swift out the bathroom i hit the controll box to kill all the power in side the gym and All the sceaming teenagers are getting me more fucking mad . I gett my eye on that girl. As she screams in fear i grab a pice of cloth outta my bag place it over her mouth and pull the kinfe out and as hard as i could JAM the knife in to her neck. I felt the warm, thick blood roll down my arm i smile with joy as i walk away With a dead teenager on the floor somepeople leave but most stayed when the power came back on.I went to the bathroom to change my dress and mask to not be notice (like i ever was) But when i come back i drag Kyle out side and right away we start to make out. Im giving the emprestion that i wanted him because i pretty sure he wanted me... he holds my aginst him tighter and tigher.. 

I get on my knees.. as he tilted his head up I pull the knife out of my bra, And stab him in the stomach. He didnt cry for help or anything just slid down the wall and look me in the eyes... "I love you" I said to him and i kissed him on the forhead , my lipstick leaving a black kiss mark.. 

I put my mask back on the exit though the gym , but all these drunk teenagers trying to grab me.. I stab each one of them leaving a trail of dead bodies on the way the the exit 

"how was the prom?" said my mother

"it was something i will NEVER forget" i said with an evil grin once agin 

21:33, July 21, 2013 (UTC)This was some peoples worst nightmare but this is my best dream :)21:33, July 21, 2013 (UTC)21:33, July 21, 2013 (UTC)∞Tyler the killer∞