aka ∞Ty∞

  • I live in Florida USA
  • I was born on November 8
  • My occupation is Stuff >w<
  • I am Dude-et c:
  • Tylee1108

    The 2nd life...

    July 24, 2013 by Tylee1108

    My name is Ty, i have blonde hair, eyes as blue as the ocean , and at school im part of the "Popular" group.... At school im knowen for my "looks" "how many boyfriends i get" and "being the most popular girl in school".

    It all started in the 6th grade i was "popular" from about 4th grade so nothing was new to me. I had my group of friends Ari, Aylah, Bianca, Kendall and valintina. We had a click wich means we were always together but it wasnt just us we all had boyfriends Ari + luis , Aylah + Josue, Bianca + waldy, Kendall + josh , valintina + joshua. Annnddd thheeenn there was me ._.  I had a crush on this guy but i knew i never had a chance with him (wich was weired since, i mean.. just look at me im fucking hot) i just didnt know what to…

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  • Tylee1108

    prom night,,,

    July 21, 2013 by Tylee1108

    It was the night of prom, I look in the broken mirror and put on my Midnight Black Lip Stick grab my Pretty pink bookbag And put my lip stick, body mist, and a knife...."have fun sweetie" Said my ill mother "i will mom" i said with an evin grin on my face...

    I follow the cheap riped up paper to my school gym.. right before i enter i put the knife in my bra just to be safe.I give my ticket to the overly excited teacher standing at the table. But as soon as i walk in Guess what i see Kyle dancing with some girl.. But not just "Some girl" the girl that has to have her hands on everyones man. Kyle has his hand on her hips almost dry humping her.. I stand there with a blank look on my face.. but quickly go the the bathroom and put on my mask.As …

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