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Slenderwoman 3D Model

^ Right there

Right there was where I should've realized that this was a bad idea, but it is too late now. To late, I say!

  • sigh* Hello people

I am currently designed a 3D model from scratch using Blender software (ladies) and I need your help deciding on the finishing touches. We all know what a classy suit-wearing stand-up guy Slenderman is, but what about his Rule 63 counterpart, Slenderwoman? I have taken it upon myself to see that this character gets the attention she deserves, through my use of open-source modeling programs!

I'm making a 3D model of Slenderwoman, is what I'm trying to say.

The main body is all done, and it looks really...slender. My questions are:

1. What should it wear?

2. Should it have hair?

Hehe, that rhymes. Think about it; Slenderman wears a suit, does Slenderwoman wear a dress, or a suit? Should she wear long sleeves that drag on the ground by her slacks, or should she dress more liberal with a cuffed jacket and a short skirt? If she wears a dress what kind of cut should it be?

And her hair? Do you think she'd look good with long, flowing locks of hair, or should she have a short, business-like chopped-cut? Does she even need hair? I mean...why sound she need hair, anyway? Should she have a mouth? Should she have those strange indents where her eyes should be, or should her face be bare and bald?

I'm torn between two looks: Beautiful-Mysterious, or Creepy-In-A-Sexy-Way. What do you guys think?

Update: The Model has been completed and will be released tomorrow. I'm looking foward to it!

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