Greetings humans! It has been a while since I've posted here asking you for creative inspiration. Alas, my latest endeavors have begged me to return to this hive of writers and thinkers, and bid you to assist me once more.

You see, I am in the process of developing a new indie video game! Essentially it is a third person stealth game set in a noir-themed, dystopian cyberpunk city. You play as a human detective-turned-android, named Kara, hell-bent on exposing an evil syndicate. This syndicate secretly kidnaps humans and turns them into robots to fuel their black ops army. That's the gist of the story, more details are available if you want to hear them.

But my question to you is; if you were a cybernetic spy with an army of robots standing between you and sweet justice, which weapons or gadgets would you employ to your advantage? So far I've thought of these:

An Eraser gun that vaporizes matter on the atomic level, reducing any substance you point it at to a pile of ash.

An Anti-Gravity disk that, once thrown into the air, can provide you with audio and video of the area around it, allowing you to have a second set of eyes wherever you want.

A personal holographic projector that can temporarily envelope you in a disguise that will fool other long as you keep your distance.

A wrist-mounted steel cable launcher that serves as a utility gadget, allowing you to reach far-away places or grapple up buildings or into enemies.

I encourage you to help me think of more insane weapons or gadgets, and tell me how they should affect gameplay and vise versa. I vow to give full acknowledgement to those who help me in the game's credits, unless you wish to remain anonymous.

- Zann