Hello fellow readers and writers. I haven't written for this site in quite some time and I am considering adding a new story to my list in the near future. Inspiration has struck me like a bolt of ion and I'm facing a dilemma. I cannot decide which story I want to write first! I am sincerely hoping that the Creepypasta Community can help me choose. Here are my ideas:

The Gamemakers: Essentially this story begs the question of what if what we call "God" is actually a game developer making a simulator game and we are all his A.I. creations. Also, what if Evil is merely a hacker trying to corrupt us with a virus? This sort is right at home with me because I am an Indie developer by trade.

Last Contact: this story is set in a distinguished apocalyptic Earthern wasteland. A survivor of the end times attempts to remain in contact with a distant friend over the fragments of the internet. But, when his friend goes offline, he must set out into the wasteland to find out what happened to her.

Uninvited Guest: this one will draw heavy inspiration from Poe's "Masque of the Red Death" only instead of narrating the story from an outsider's perspective, I'll take my own twist on the story by adding a protagonist and letting him experience the nightmarish Red Death firsthand.

I'd like your opinions on these plot theses. Tell me which I should pursue or if you think they are all God-awful just let me know before I make a big mistake by writing them. My gratitude is yours,