Welcome to the end of 2014! I’ll be your host, and I hope you’ve all had a wonderful Holiday Season. We're all looking forward to what 2015 will bring. There will be new ideas, innovations in science, technology, and philosophy. There will be a ton of new stories on this Wiki, that’s for sure. So, let’s crack open the finest wine, and celebrate! These types of blogs are usually filled with QandA, so maybe we’ll do that here. What was your favorite part about 2014? What do you expect from 2015? If you are the kind for New Year’s Resolutions, what’s yours? I’ll go first:

When I joined this site a little over a year ago, I posted a really lame story and I didn’t expect to become famous, or anything. But in the year that I’ve been on this site, I’ve met a lot of amazing, cool, and downright wizard people. I’ve read some really great stories, and I’ve had the pleasure of helping out and contributing to the community. I’m digging my roots in here, guys, and I’m looking forward to the future. As for my Resolution, it’s to become an Administrator >:D

Thanks for a great year, here’s to the next one!