I've started to catch on to the way Creepypasta Wiki works! I've been so busy reading storied that I've barely done anything else! There are so many stories and of those there are ones that are just amazing! I'm loving it, and so has my sister. She gets angry that I won't read her the ones that she knows got a reaction out of me, but her psyche doesn't need me hitting it with horror stories just yet! My mom is already angry/worried that I readher these and that she likes it, despite me being the same way as a kid.

Some of the ones I've really liked have been: An Egg*, The Silence, The Old Mill, The Leather Journals, Psychosis, Grocery List, White with Red*, The Wolf and The Child*, and The Rake. There are much more but I've read so many I can't remember all the titles!

  • = Being one's that I felt I could read to my sister!

So Great to be here!!