As the blog title says, this blog is for debunking the symptoms of 'Slender sickness'. More will be posted later, but for now, I will explain the paranoia which is said to occur after experience with Slenderman.

I can say that I myself have suffered from this paranoia, but it's not because he was stalking me. Many think that the guy is real, but those people just need to know one thing: believe what you want, but facts are facts. Slenderman is FAKE! So, how is the paranoia possible in real life?

Well, after reading Slender-based videos and reading creepypastas about him, there is only one conclusion: it is not the fictional sickness that causes this, it is your mind. Sometimes, things that are fake (but you aren't sure if it's possible) can manifest in your mind. In this case, the belief of the real Operator. Those fears become beliefs, beliefs become fear, and the fear becomes the paranoia.

To conclude, the paranoia is all in your head. Reading pastas about him are fun, but not good for the mind. That doesn't mean you have to stop watching Marble Hornets, EverymanHYBRID or any Slender-based ARG.