The chat is a place where many can share laughs, form friendships in different ways and make anything outrageous in real life make sense. I have forged some ties, listened to the tales of many and said some outrageous things in PM. For me, chat is a haven for randomness.

But lately, I have become distant from everyone. The times I used to say many things are gone. The times I shared a portion of my true self, gone. The times of my co-operation and activeness are gone, reader. All I have to give are small bursts of conversation after being occupied by different things.

In my life, I am not sure about the things and moments of the past, busy with the work in the present, and both sad and worried about what the future has yet to reveal to me. I need to find my calling in life, focus on the tasks before me and waiting for me, and not stray from my path.

The thrills from chat have left me, and I have not much of a worked-out life. Which is why I have set up this post. Until I work things out, you can expect to see less of me. I must go for now, but I will return when I need to.

If you are one of my friends, or I have missed something good, you can post on my Talk Page or just keep it to yourself.

Goodye for now,