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  • TwilightJokerHF1

    Well, it's been a while. Everyone's forgotten about me, I suppose.

    Life's been busy. College has been a nightmare, found love, making an RPG. I haven't been on here since the chat was shut down for good. All the good friends I made, all gone their separate ways.

    Uh, oh yeah. Writing a new Creepypasta after what seems like forever.

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  • TwilightJokerHF1

    Okay, so as it says in the title, there's a Japanese student exchange happening. I've been paired with a person called Ryota, and they're due to arrive on Tuesday.

    ...I'm not sure how to pronounce his name. Is it "Lee-oh-tah"?

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  • TwilightJokerHF1

    I've been thinking about 'Twin Feathers'. It's a sequel to one of my best pastas, yet it's missing some things. It went wrong from the very start.

    Which is why I'm going to redo it. Not just minor edits, but a whole new theme. I'm going to try and combine the time layout and timeline of 'The Crow Caws at Midnight' with the alternating character POV layout of 'Jeremy the Clone'.

    It's a little complicated, but I have nothing better to do here while I wait for chat to return.

    Until next time, one and all.

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  • TwilightJokerHF1


    May 16, 2014 by TwilightJokerHF1

    I look at my friends and see they've moved forward in life.

    I look at myself and find I'm still in the same place.

    I thought I could bury some pain in the past, but it resurfaced.

    I feel so...alone, empty.

    We were great friends, but it fell apart when she moved forward.

    Where am I now?

    Looking back, I think some things turned out pretty shit.

    Every argument, every bit of drama... It doesn't matter now.

    Pain, sorrow, everyone and everything bringing you down...

    I'm alone. Friends don't like me, a person I loved found someone else, I tried to bury all that and it returned.

    This isn't a good time. I need-

    What do I need?

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  • TwilightJokerHF1


    May 1, 2014 by TwilightJokerHF1

    I made a Zeldapasta after discovering that you could post them again. However, I found out that I couldn't post it. The system wouldn't let me.

    What is going on?

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