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  • Tweak0space

    21:50 - Arrived!!

    January 16, 2015 by Tweak0space

    1. Death Note L Change The World (BOOK)
    2. Death Note  The Los Angeless BB murder cases (BOOK)
    3. KH 358/2 Days Complete vol 1-3


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  • Tweak0space

    After i watched episode 20 of AoT i did go to my MAL List and wanted to check 1 + episode of AoT so then i watched 21 episodes but for some reason it kept 20 even if i pressed te + 10 times.      So i refresed my MAL List page in my internet browser but it said that the website was down :(. That sucks right! well it can happen some times. Then i tried MAL app on my ipad and it seems  working.

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  • Tweak0space

    19:56 - 13 - Tuesday

    January 13, 2015 by Tweak0space

    At that time i was just reading some creepypasta's here. And nothing else. But i also planned to watch some Attack on Titan and going to read Bakuman after some episodes of Attack on Titan.   And from wednesday i am waiting for my new books and manga to arrive that i ordered at one of my fav online webshops for buying books and mana and also comics, it called The Book Depository i realy reccomend you this to use it too.

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