aka ednoahjones

  • I live in Huntsville, AL
  • I was born on May 13
  • My occupation is Slacker
  • I am A 14 year old Guy
  • Turntechgodhead

    Tomorrow, THIS ACCOUNT. will be on the Chat, and Used, for the last time. Oh, but dont fret! i'll be on a New account! "Ectobiologist" or some variation that there of (what with the fact that the proper capitalization of it is probably taken) so, yeah. i'm gonna be a john now! see you guys! been glad to supply but i gotta fly (talk) 17:52, August 25, 2013 (UTC)

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  • Turntechgodhead

    Yeeeeah... i'm coming back. This Place Needs me. Oh yeah and Finneow. i ain't dead yet. Dont Steal my Dave Avatar. Read, a two week ban as my first ban Ever, i'm not gonna lie.. Was Really. Really. Harsh.  All the rest. Hold on tight. i'm coming home in 2 weeks. this looks like a job for me so everybody just follow me cause we need a little, controversy cause it feels so empty without me (talk) 21:08, August 15, 2013 (UTC)

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  • Turntechgodhead

    You can say you expect an angry talk message, or a sock all you want, but dont bother. I'd say i was sorry but honestly i dont feel like gratifying myself because in all honesty i was Probably gonna end up leaving anyways, Too many Friends gone. You know i probably did deserve the ban, 2 weeks i'd say is a little harsh but whatever. Its been clear for quite awhile now that i'm not liked by any of you. and that, i'm sorry. for letting you down, my friends i mean. the ones who still like me anyways. of note, i'll miss Somepersonhere, Dempugs, Emily4ever (June, if your reading this. i'm sorry you and me never got a chance. it was my fault really.) Lei Omaki, Demontickitty, and devincooper64, the most. there are a few i would name on here, but…

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  • Turntechgodhead

    Name: Dave strider. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA no but my real name is Noah Gray Jones.

    Favorite color: i have two, Blue and red.

    Sexuality: pansexual

    Favorite things: Games, Homestuck, 90's movies, Rose lalonde, Dave strider.

    Ships: Dave X Rose OTP

    Relationship status: Single

    Do i have a crush: Yes

    Who do i have a crush on?: Fuck off

    just tell us asshole: No. fuck that. go away


    do you like waffles?: No but i like homestuck

    are you a homosexual?: no i'm pansexual

    same thing: no it isn't

    you still fuck guys: .... get the fuck out

    whose your favorite homestuck character?: are. are you even fucking serious man? HELLO LOOK AT MY NAME its DAVE STRIDER.

    whose your favorite homestuc…

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