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  • Tunika04

    Hey creeps n' weirdos what's up! Just a quick rant... ignore if immature.. thank you :3 Remember that this is not directly personally at ANYBODY but simply the whole wiki... Not everybody is causing a problem but I just hope users that aren't used to the wiki yet read this and try to fix themselves up! Maybe poor writers can also take a hint from the text to see and notice what they might be doing wrong.. Just read and you will understand...

    I definetly know that people will be telling me, "You have no say or action in this, get back to contributing you hippie!" but I think this is actually really hard pressed on and people still aren't getting the message. Certain stuff are trying to be gotten across to people to use the wiki by admins, as…

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  • Tunika04

    A New world...

    November 26, 2012 by Tunika04

    Well.... of course you can consider it a whole new world, or it is to me..

    I have been admiring this wiki for so long now before I even though of creating an account, so I did. I had this account for a while now... I posted my first ever pasta, I take pride in it... and I think I did a great job. Hell's Pendulum was my first pasta, go on... if you like check it out! I am more than happy to come up with more along the way,

    I have been here for quite a short time ACTUALLY doing stuff and I already got 60 acheivment points... I clearly have NO idea if thats a lot or not, but I will try a new strategy now. I will use these acheivments/badges as a guide along the creepypasta wiki! I wish to become and active and known member here as I have been o…

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