I despise going about my business and curiously checking Google, Tumblr, and the Wiki for things about opinions of the JtK creepypasta. More often than not, I'll see a fan-girl that proclaims her love of Jeff and tells someone they're wrong because they don't have the same opinion.

Like, what the hell? Why the hell does JtK have the most overprotective fan-base known to man? Can someone please explain to me how that makes sense? Why do people want to have sexual intercourse with something that will kill them? Seriously, it makes no sense to me. Am I just going mad?

Of course, that's not to say that creepypastas "Go to Sleep" and "Jeff is Back" aren't good. I just wish that the JtK creepypasta would have been taken more seriously when in terms of writing it instead of just going:

"This kid has been bullied for a week and a half and has gone insane enough to kill his family" and yet STILL treats its' main character like God.

I'm understanding that it's mostly the young ones who like Jeff's pasta, but it doesn't make any sense to me. JtK is still one of the worst Pasta's out there, and it's pretty much the only pasta on the face of this Earth that needs an official rewrite that can be accepted as better than the original pasta.

That's not to say that I write better than the writer of JtK, but it would help if the writer didn't rub a maxi-pad on it.

What's so attractive of a dude that mutilated himself to look scary. Why didn't anybody upload the original story onto here, where Jeff was already a killer before the injuries and acid had mutilated his face?

Sorry if this seems rant worthy, I seriously need an explanation on why this pasta is so appreciated by the fan-girls.