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TrueHorror January 27, 2016 User blog:TrueHorror

Hello, and I am not at all new to this pasta site. I am here to acknowledge the one who calls himself MrDupin. If I am correct, he has helped many users. The prominent ones that come to my mind are, Yee4926. Yee4927. TotalHorror. These have all been someone that I know.

I am not here to cause a ruckus. I am only here to make a statement and say that MrDupin shall be rewarded for his kindness. If he somehow finds this comment, I surely hope that he does not get frightened by my extensive knowledge of these happenings.

Those users were stifled. I will not be. This is only a test for him. I am not desperate for his attention, but I am hoping very intensely that he will notice.

For you, MrDupin. I know that you have tried to help other users but you have showed uncanny interest in those users. I had a... personal relationship with both of the users. I am in contact with both of the users. I hope that you show that same amount of interest in your humble follower. I am at your disposal.

True Horror

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