I have just seen many comments on certain popular creepypastas asking, "is this real?". 

Creepypasta is just stories. I have posted one creepypasta, obviously not true. I feel like people think because it sounds real it could be real. People need to know these aren't real. They're simple creepy things to read when you're bored, or if you like spooky things.

I don't know how some of this could be classified as real, and sometimes I have even seen people claiming that they're still real after others have confirmed it's not real. If you think any creepypastas are real, please do tell me the reason. I'm just sick of seeing things claiming that they're "real."

I understand that people want to make them seem believeable, because if it's ridiculous you don't want to read it. The thing I don't understand is people thinking that things such as "abandoned by disney" real. They're stories.

That's all I really have to say.