• Toxicferret19

    billy's wall.

    May 25, 2012 by Toxicferret19

    When i was a boy i lived in a house with a suprisingly tall walls and huge rooms,as i walked down the hall away from my mother i was stopped by a door,a very small dark door with light blue trim. I opened the door and peered inward when i heard a voice say "Don't shut the door when you go to sleep" i jumped back and ran to the living room and screamed what i saw on the floor effected me forever my favorite toy was on the floor. i walked over and picked it up ,same toy but the weird thing was i threw this out a year before. Then i turned fiercely and looked behind me .........all i saw was the door...THAT DAMN DOOR! i walked toward it and crawled in ,my heart sank as i saw what was behind it.....a coffin, i was in a coffin i screamed and p…

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