• Toquis0822


    November 11, 2012 by Toquis0822

    "Subject: Random

    Jess-x: I found several discussion forums around an image that would seemingly chance. Many members have testified véricité on this information but I can not get your hands on "Chance", assumed the name of this image. Whenever I ask more about it, you do not answer me! I would like to know once and for all what it is and where to find it. Thank you.

    Jojocab99: A fake for newbies, not seek. If an image was REALLY lucky we can.

    Victoriah: I also heard if u have more info mp me thank you

    Kiwii: LOL. Flock of pigeons

    X-bubble-x: I thought it would be a big fake your story, but I asked my aunt who is clairvoyant information on this image, and she knows effectivemment! According to her this is a picture often used in the middle of di…

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