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The Man in the Windows

Tuesday Nov. 13 2:46 in the morning

          It was a dark and foggy night. It was hard for me to go to sleep because i had a test the next morning. Little did I know that I had bigger problems to worry about. Anyways when I finally did fall asleep it seemed as if 2 seconds had gone by when I heard a tap on my window. Slowly i looked up rubbing my eyes only to see him... My heart stopped, I gasped and put my head under my blanket. Then more tapping. I peeked and he was gone. I obviously did not go back to sleep that night and I crawled (army crawled) int my parents bedroom. "Mom, mom Get up"! "What? I then started to cry and I crawled into their bed and slept.

Wednesday Nov. 14 7:11 AM

        My mom asked me what happened last night. I told then she looked horrified. She said I was probably just having a dream. I said, "It was real mom"! My mom emidiatley called the police. I stayed home from school and I slept with my mom for a week.

Monday Nov. 28 3:32 in the morning

             Tap Tap Tap... I awoke and slipped under my blanket then I looked up and saw... him. I screamed and ran into my moms room and yelled GET UP! My parents got up and went into my room. He was gone of course.

Friday Dec. 3 2:30 in the morning 

I was sleeping in my parents bed I awoke and he was in the room.

Tuesday Dec. 14 3:28 PM

            My parents are at my funeral crying.

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