This is a nightmare that has been haunting me for about a year now and this is how it goes. One night in August I fell asleep and had a very strange dream. The dream was about me being late for the bus in the aftrernoon so I took a different bus home. It turns out that the bus had autistic children in it. I was just sitting their and then a kid in a black shirt sits down and i say hi, (of course). I hear no response and then I say Hello? Then he turns his head around and I see a horrifying face. He had black circles as eyes and blood everywhere. I was frightened and I realized that nobody noticed. So then I hear him murmur something and then he starts crying... screaming and still nobody notices. I started to panic and then he got closer and I started crying then he said what have you done? He said it at least 3 or 4 times. he lunges at me then I awoke around 3 oclock in the morning. I looked at my clock then I started sweating from my nightmare. every night I have a different dream about him. Sometimes hes in a forest or one time i was in my garage getting a soda then he leaped from behind the car.