its been about 8 months since i moved in with my dad and things have been going pretty well. but for some reason i cant help but feel strange things are happening in our flat, we have a chandelere in our hall and everyday at a specific time at night it starts moving on its own, it almost looks like someone is moving the bits of glass around with their hands its freaky, but no one is there.

thats not all, whenever i go to bed at night i always feel like there is someone watching me while im sleeping, its never occured before i moved in with my dad and im not too sure why i get like that.

granted, our flat used to be a whole house , until it got seperated, and i can always here banging from next door, but i have never actually met my neighbours, and whenever i am downstairs i always hear banging from the hall upstairs, ( i live in a bottom flat hence there being stairs), it sounds like someone is running cross the hallway, but im usually home alone as my dad works late.

i might just be freaking out over nothing but its definitely freaky living in a old flat which is apperently haunted.