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hELP I'M addicted to this site

Tiololo July 2, 2015 User blog:Tiololo

I feel like the reason my grades are dipping is because I spend too much time on this site. Of course, I'm not blaming the site, but my own behaviour, which I cannot seem to control. I went through a phase where I would stay up until 4 a.m. reading pastas secretly in my room. I couldn't edit anything as my darn iphone wouldn't let me log in, but I'd click on the random pasta button again and again, reading all the stories I came across. Obviously, I've now nearly read everything I can read, which isn't a bad thing and my writing has improved, but...I'm still pretty addicted.

This site is like meth. And I'm getting into a really bad habit now. I feel the need to read every pasta on the site. I want to be able to suppress the urge to read pastas all night long.

Perhaps I've just described a new and coming mental illness (LOL). Has anyone gone through this before?

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