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I'm a Rollback Now!

Tiololo August 8, 2015 User blog:Tiololo

So my friends, I am officially a member of staff now! Thanks to everyone who supported my app; the nice things you said about me were like music to my ears ~

I understand that as a rollback, my duties will increase and with the 'rename' button comes many responsibilities. Of course, I understand the Wiki article naming conventions, but to prove I'm even more capable of the role, I also understand the standard Wiki USER naming conventions. Oh yes, I've been here a while now. As some notable examples, User:Underscorre = Tom, User:EmpyrealInvective = Emp/Travis, User:LOLSKELETONS = Skelly, User:Jay ten = well, Jay. 

And since you might have to refer to me a lot more now (yay), typing 'Rinskuro13' or even 'Rinskuro' will probably be a handful. From now on, if you're short of time, you may refer to me as 'Cat'. This may also help me establish my fearsome fluffy reputation (jk).

Oh, and look: The Cat (talk) 07:28, August 8, 2015 (UTC)

-Here's my new signature. Wherever you see this, another furry talk page edit has been gained.

I really hope I can edit even more than before and contribute even more to the wiki, and I promise not to MEWtiny. Thanks to all the staff for having such a PAWsitive CATtitude towards my promotion and I hope we will maintain our good relations, even with the much humorous CLAWsome puns. If there's anything you need to forewarn me about being a member of staff, go ahead - I'm listening.

Edit: Oh, and a question: is a rollback the same thing as a showcase moderator?

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