We've all heard of the true legends - i.e. Psychosis, NoEnd House, every Slimebeast pasta. However, there are some pretty decent pastas which are hidden away in the depths of the site, and in my opinion, deserve more credit than they've currently recieved. I'm not saying they're legendary, but they're decent. Here are five you might never have heard of before, but you might think they're worth reading. 

5. Solipsism

Pastas rarely get to me, but this theory pasta was able to make me think.

4. Overtoun Bridge

Seeming like a pretty average pasta, it's just plain depressing and makes you go 'aww' when you've finished it. Until you see the category 'reality' tagged to it. For some reason, it really made a difference. Go google it.

3. Ability

Let me warn you, it's classified as 'weird' for a reason. It's shorter than the average pasta, but the twist ending is one of the most unique I've ever seen. I was pressing the 'random pasta' button trying to look for something out-of-the-ordinary (with little luck) but once I'd stumbled upon this one, I was hooked. This is the writing equivalent of a screamer. I read it a while ago when I was younger, and not yet used to being scared, so the ending nearly gave me a heart attack. But you can judge for yourself. Just goes to show weird things can happen in Japan.

2. The Thing That Stalks the Fields

I don't usually get scared by pastas about monsters, even when they include a picture. That's because descriptions are usually pretty cliché, like glowing red eyes and sharp teeth, etc. But the description in this monster pasta isn't what scared me at all, although it did help to enhance the plotline. It's the mystery which keeps the suspense lurking as you read it.

1. The Piano

This is a pasta with a well explained twist ending which you won't see coming; it's decently written and is one of the few stories which have actually creeped me out. The reason being, the mysterious events are so random and it really builds tension well, despite being relatively short and not rambling on. I'd recently bought a dodgy old piano on ebay and reading this one was rather daunting.