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Tin77 May 16, 2015 User blog:Tin77

Now, regarding the recent "incident" involving PotM, it kind of disheartens me to think about the state of PotM.

It really has become a popularity contest, which is quite sad to think about. Some really good stories are falling behind to the more well known option. A lot of people just vote for a story they read, without even reading them all. Yes, reading every nomination can take a while, and I haven't read "The Long List" yet, but at least check some other stories out besides the only one you know.

This occurred to me with "11 Miles". As much as I like it, I refused to read any other story on the list, so some pastas that truly deserved to be on the front page didn't get recognition. I refused to read "My Grandfather Suffered Dementia" which really deserves the front page. Some really great stories are falling behind because they aren't well known. If someone nominated a pasta, it has to have some quality!

There are amazing stories within this wiki, and they deserve to be known. Voting is a little bias, and while almost every PotM winner is good, some aren't front-page worthy.

What are your thoughts on PotM, and what stories do you think should get recognized?

(Note: Sorry is this seems a little bias, or if I come across as a jerk who is just upset stories he likes are losing. Every PotM is well written, and I'm not hating on any of them.)

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