Hello, it is I, Tin77. I apologize for my inactivity on this wiki but school has taken up so much time and I've actually been working on a full-blown novel, but I just haven't been able to get on as often or write something. Maybe for Halloween I'll write a quick story that doesn't require too much planning or isn't too long. (Check out Nightstalkers!)

Anyways, I've been on a Halloween kick because... Why not. Getting scared is fun, getting that tension and those goosebumps while reading something is exhilarating. I've looking for things to terrify me, both in a nostalgic sense and the sense of actually being mortified by what I'm reading. I'm jumping from thing to thing, like that one episode of the Haunting Hour with the Mad Artist or those Tat's Top's videos on Creepypasta. (Seriously, they bring up some pretty well known ones but those videos are so well edited and executed that they still manage to be scary.)

For my Halloween scare kick I've finally moved back to the thing I love, Creepypasta. However, I have a dilemma. As someone who writes it now, none of the stories seem to scare me anymore. I can't get those same nightmares that I did say, 3 years ago. Stories like Bedtime or The Showers can only be scary for so many re-reads. So that's why I'm making this blog. Which stories are good in terms of horror, and aren't just well written? I really want to find a story that will really scare me.

Any recommendations?