I originally wrote something like this in the comments of my story, but a believe a blog post is a better way to organize my recent thoughts.

My story, The Fear of Knowing, has finally been posted, and has not been deleted or marked for review, and this incredibly great news.

Now, you may not care, we get tons of stories here every day, but I personally view this as a way I've grown as an author. I'm glad to see one of my short stories finally published for others to enjoy, and I am more then pleased to have received tips on how to improve, which have been most helpful.

I'd like to thank some people, which may seem rather sappy, but they have definitely helped me out a great deal.

I'd like to thank everyone in the Writer's Workshop who reviewed my story, User:EmpyrealInvective, User:JohnathanNash, and User:AGrimAuxiliatrix1, all who gave insightful and useful reviews which helped the story improve and become what has been published.

I'd also like to thank User:Doom Vroom who gave me the idea of the ending which was used in the story, as the idea for multiple alternate endings.

Now, this may seem stupid, but I believe this certainly means a lot to me as an author. This has been a great stride, and I am glad how it turned out.

I await to see how I evolve as an author.

I hope that you guys check out my story, and provide some positive feedback or constructive criticism. (Wink.)

Now let's pray it doesn't get deleted, or this blog post may become extremely awkward.