• TillDeathAndAfter

    Dream of good times

    November 21, 2013 by TillDeathAndAfter

    I had a dream.

    But it wasn’t just a dream. And it was not a nightmare but, I knew that it was different…something I…something I haven’t felt before. I can not pinpoint what I felt because it was not fear nor was it confusion neither was it happy or satisfied. But like I said before, incomparable to anything anyone, including myself, have felt through there veins. I laid there, just looking at my ceiling for what seemed as if for hours trying to collect my thoughts that were running through my helpless mind. I felt so alone, so vulnerable to the rest of the world and I craved to have the feeling of somebody lying next to me, to comfort me. Or have somebody to share my dream with, but I had nobody then.

    So I am going to tell you now. It starte…

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