My computer had broken 2 days before this happened, so it was being repiared by my dad. Becuase a was bored, I decided to pick a random game and play on my ps3.

The chosen game was portal.

I liked to organise and list things, as a hobby, so I knew that this was my 105th time playing portal since a bought the console. It loaded up just fine, I played it for 10 minutes, after which I was in chamber 16, with the turrets. 

Sumthing was strange through, the turrets were gone, and the windows were broken. GLaDOS' voice came into life. Instead of saying her normal stuff, she just said 'Leave Now, Before it gets you'. I'm scared pretty easily, so I wanted to stop playing and choose a different game to play. I couldn't eject the disk or turn the ps3 off. I decided to play on, walking through the chamber as all of the turrets were gone. I got into the elevator. It didn't move. GLaDOS said, in a voice taht was kind of distorted 'You really want to continue huh. You brave girl'. The elevator shot downwards in an increasing speed. The screen faded to the loading screen. I had to look away as instead of the normal empty chamber for the screen. It showed a brown-colored room with a man with a knife in the middle.

The screen faded...

The room was not chamber 17. It was the same brown room as in the loading screen. But the man was gone.

A voice, not GLaDOS this time, said 'Time to get your reward.'

After reading creepypastas online, I know what sort of thing happenes next, so I unplugged the conolse and did not plug it back in again to this day.