Hello there. If you haven't already judged by my avvy, you can conclude that I am a brony. Now, I'm not here to spread any nonsense about the contents of the fandom, let alone talk about it at all. It's just that recently, in the chat, I've been getting some feedback on my opinion of the show. Some positive, and some negative.

Sometimes, people discriminate my opinion, either privately or openly. And sometimes, the mods may not do anything about it. I'm not naming names here.

I try to tend to not discuss the show. Mostly I get this behavior for the sole purpose of my avvy.

I'm not exactly sure if this behavior is aloud or not, even after re-reading the rules. Is there a reason on why I am being neglected by the rules and the mods?

Thank you for reading. :3 I love lamp. (talk) 00:10, October 22, 2012 (UTC)