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September 5, 2014
  • TigerLily0657


    December 30, 2014 by TigerLily0657

    Guyyyysss!!!!! Ok so apparently I got banned for "reposting" whenever it was really just a bunch of different stories that have the same name. I wasn't "reposting" I was putting them in categories. And this is the best one! Apparently I was "tampering with other people's works" or some stupid crap idk whenever I posted "please: there was something else called that and so i just cleared it all and typed my thing. And apparently it's "tampeing" if they forcefully put it up there. I mean, I didn't do it, the site did! Anyway I just needed to express my seething anger. And while I would like an apology, I know I won't get one so I'll just end this post now and give the site a nice view of my middle finger. Goodbye.

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