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  • I live in Katy,Tx
  • My occupation is Came to read creepy pastas and kick butt and I'm all out of butts.
  • ThomasGates

    My first pasta

    November 21, 2013 by ThomasGates

    Pain. Pain is a physical feeling as much as an emotional feeling. When I saw him reach inside her chest and pull out the still beating heart, grinning. I was frozen in horror and anger, watching him eat it. With very bite he seemed to enjoy it even more than the one before it. The pain that was coursing through my body and mind was so immense. I couldn't take it.

    The psychotic fucker finished her heart and started advancing towards me. 'Shit! I can't move!' Was all that went through my head before there was darkness everywhere. "God my head hurts." I said a loud waking up. "God can't save you here." The thing from last night said stepping into the light. "Oh sh-!" I crawled as fast as I could away from the thing walking towar… Read more >