I'm sure we've all done this... read a damn good creepypasta... looked at the author... to see they have 2 awards, didn't change their user page and only wrote one story. This is really sad and excrutiating to see such talent go to waste. And If you have no Idea what I'm talking about or want examples, Here you go.

In the World of Words You and I (One of my favorites) By : Lekar

The_Hungry_Little_Box By : ArametPantsuai

Lekar used to be like that, then luckily changed so thats a plus. Anyway, have you seen anything like this? Any people that just don't write anymore, and had one or two good stories?

Well good. Comment them. I'm going to go read Lekars other story now...

Actualy it was deleted.

Well then, On a side note, has anyone ever earned "Wiki Hero" Which is the platnum award for contributing to the wiki every day for a year.