Yeah! Soooo I have some advise.

Now this ISN'T about banning so calm down admins, put your banning, uhhm, HAMMER down.

Alrighty. So when we "vote" for the pasta of the month it just says "voting isn't on this site right now" which just defeats the purpose. 

The FIRST good voting site is Google Fourms. Its pretty simple, with multiple choise. But! You have to require the question and other stuff. I dunno how to explain this! Ask someone else

I'm a link I'm a link I'm a link I'm a link IM A LINKK

Hmm. Well now I've hit a dead end on ideas.

So yeah! Just use that BIG OL LINK

C Y UH around everybody.

Common Comments and Solving Problems


Hmm, people are saying that they made new accounts to vote. Why not just copy their IP adress and account name. If you can't then just ask permission of the user, and if they decline they can't vote. That way, a person would have to get a whole new computer and make a whole new account to vote again, which most people wouldn't go through the trouble to do, and if they do, well then I guess they deserve it.


Once Again more problems. Banning said how people just go to whatever the most votes. Then... Just don't show them the vote amount or show them after they vote.