Hello! Come one come all to the 1st annual Lucid Awards! This is an award ceremony that will occur every 2 months!

So why am I doing this?

Well I wanted a little thing like PotM, but different. The voting system goes like this - In the comments of this blog put IVOTEFOR then your vote. You can change it, but if I comment vote locked in then you can't change it. I will make sure the user isn't a bot (I have ways) vote on the poll below then the winner will be announced 6 days later. What do you win - Well there's the glory of it! Absolutely nothing but a SHINY lucid badge I made and the glory of winning. There are 2 awards - Best read of two months and best story of two months. (Read can be made anytime before 2 months and story has to be made in the two month span.) Then the final award is Lucid of The year - which is every January will be a vote between the best story winners.

Best Read

Dogscape // Warning! NSFW // Just a great read! Who can make an award ceremony without this?

In the World of Words, You and I // One of my absolute favorites for its attitude and ending.

Burgrr Entries // Another classic! Great read with lots of creativity.

The Lonely Stars // One of my favorites again! Just made perfectly.

11 Miles // The one that kicked off ritual pastas. Bravo to who made this.

Best Story

Starman // Really great theory. Just boggles your mind

Enlightened Sheep // A good space one, avoids the cliches.

I Was Fourteen When I First Killed Myself // Empy in all of his glory. Just great, amazing.

Dinner with Vivianna // I know, it was the winner of a contest but cmon! It's awesome!

What else?

You can put other stories in too! I don't advise self promotion but you can also show your stories. I'll read them but remember - Winners will be announced on the 20th.

Best Read (CLOSED)

Dogscape - 4

In the World of Words, You and I - 1

Burgrr Entries - 2

The Lonely Stars - 5

11 Miles - 2

Best Story (CLOSED)

Starman - 1

Enlightened Sheep - 2

I Was Fourteen When I First Killed Myself - 6

Dinner with Vivianna - 4