Ah... so the time has come to announce the winners of the LUCID AWARD! (Here's the original post if you have no Idea what I'm talkin about)

And the winner of the best read isss...

The Lonely Stars!

Congratulations! Here's your badge!!



And the one you've all been waiting for, the 'Best Story' of the month!

The winner isss...

I Was Fourteen When I First Killed Myself!

Once again king empy has come victorious. Congratulations. Here's your badge.


yay. congrats.

Well that's it! I'll add I Was Fourteen When I First Killed Myself on my page in a new section - and It'll have a chance to win the 'Lucid of the Year' next march. Good Game and have a Great Night! *Cue cheesy ending gameshow music and pan across the screen as it slowly fades.