Yes, yes, I'm sorry that I'm making a blog to soon (in the span of 2 days) but I really need to get these Ideas off of my head. So I guess I'm asking if anyone could write these ideas possibly, or if you don't have any ideas here are the ones I have :).

See them coming

An epidemic of invisable beings, and the log of one survivor who has joined a rag-tag group.

(Possible dip into insanity - but that's your choice.)


A man dies in the middle of the street, with a one scarred in his heart. Another one dies with the same conditions a week later, with  two on his heart. A detective peices together that the victims were involved in a robbery 20 years ago, and goes on a race to save the rest

(Possible twist - He was involved in the robbery and is #5)

I Can See Angels

A man sees the 'Angels of god' and eventually talks to them. Who are these angels? Hunger Thirst Pain and Fatiuge.

(The angels cause these affects by ripping through humans [Thirst would rip out throats and Hunger could attack your stomach])

(Possible storyline - All of them say that they are sent by god, and are angels. But Fatiuge [Who is portraied as a frail old man] admits that they are really just demons)