Just think about this very quickly.

Who was phone was once considered scary.

Even though now it is just considered horrid and rediculous, before people thought it as amost scary, almost like the old original creepypastas.

Those used to be pretty scary, like suicide squidward, but now are just... bad.

Even slimebeast seems a litte out of the time, like a few suggestions and sids tape just seems mediocre to the new pastas coming out, so are pastas getting more demanding and better?

I really think its happening, pastas are getting more demanding and less like copy and pasta stories and more like short horror stories.

What do you think, actualy no, what do you know.

Omg its true... Empys quality standerds... all of it makes sence... its --- OH GOD

Don't listen to this. Keep making good creepypastas. Ha Ha. Ha Ha. Ha. Hail Empy.