Hey Everybody! Its the not know, mass deleted user ThisIsLucid here! I've decided to make a big book of creepy pasta

This idea really started when I started making a list of my favorite creepypasta, and then REALLY started when I read a book called "What the !@#$ was that?" The book was just a collection of short stories (Really bad ones) that some reddit user madeyadda yadda yadaa. I thought "If some random user can do that... I can too!" So anyway, onto the actual book.

The book is going to contain not only Pastas but posts from /r/nosleep and other places. The stories HAVE to be at least over 500 words, with only some eseptions. I'm hoping to get a mass amount of pastas into this, and possibly fund publication. If I think your story is good, I will tell you, and ask if I can use it. If you want me to send me a story thats good too. I haven't really designed a cover yet, so if your a good artist and want to help that would be great!

Also, just a side note. If the story you want to submit is not yours, please ask the original creator. Also, if the story has been deleted by the admins or people on /r/nosleep then that doesn't mean it has a lower/no chance of being chosen, meaning you can still send me it.

Later I will fallow this up with a post of the winning stories, or just a general question answer.

Happy Reading and Writing fellow Internet trolls! Your soon-to-be-editor, ThisIsLucid!

P.S. The people at /r/nosleepOOC are ignorant brats and will not be included.