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creepypasta based around cliches

So, I decided to write a creepypasta based completely off cliches. I'm writing it in this blog because it would be breaking site rules if i post it without admin approval. give feedback, and here it is:

The Messed-up Pokemon Game

Ok, so you won't believe me at all when I tell you this. It isn't a creepypasta, it really happened. So I went to go buy some games with my allowance. I went to Goodwill and found a cartridge. It had no label and was covered with dirt. It had "pokemon" written on it in red sharpie. Being the curious idiot that I am, I bought it. The guy looked at it, sweating. He told me to take it and destroy it and ran away. I scratched my head, unaware of what was about to happen. So I put the game in my Game Boy and began to play. The title screen said "666 demons and blood". I was scared, but for some odd reason, I kept playing. It opened in Lavender Town. The theme rang out and creeped the hell out of me. But because I'm a retard, I kept playing. I found a person standing by a grave. When I talked to him, he said "Don't look back" and then a scream rang out. Pikachu's face appeared on-screen, with photo realistic eyes. They became all black and then he started crying blood. I tried to turn off the Game Boy, but it didn't. A screech shot out of the speakers. I took out the game, but it kept playing. It then went back to Lavender Town, this time with no music. I found a sign that said "You're gonna be killed". The game then shut off. I destroyed the game with a hammer, then set it on fire, then threw it in a lake, then put it on a train track. Never buy a copy of Pokemon from Goodwill, or risk experiencing what I did. The day after, I found a file on my laptop called "creepystuff.exe". When I opened it, it was a picture of Cleverbot drowning BEN. I screamed, then turned around and saw Jeff the killer at my window.


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