This is a top 10 list of pastas I would read more than once.

10.Happy Appy

One of the very first pastas I have read, but not the best. The idea of a lost series on Nogin (or what is now Nick Jr.) was just great to me then. But just finding it randomly in your basement or attic or whatever is inprobable. Besides, people working at Nick would probably notice that an apple on a rusty stick taking kids into a van killing them, but it qualifies.

9.Pokemon Lost Silver

Some people would not agree, but this has a little good touch. Not really much to explain about this, but in the pokepasta rating field from 1-10, it comes to 7.

8.Click Reload

A website I actually tried to find after reading, but still some flaws to this one. First of all, how would someone know if you reloaded a webpage? And how would the creature know where you were? But at least it didn't end with the usual "That webpage was deleted after this."

7.The Expressionless

This was the one with a great picture to go with the pasta, which is why its up here. The writing was great, too, except for the "she was never seen after." Now that was a mager cliche.

6.Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends

I think this is the right one with the theory, but this theory is great. Frankie finding that old house and making all the imaginary friends ws nothing I would ever think of. But the best part was the end, "That was the last thing she ever saw."

5.The Rake

Now we're gettin' somewhere. They put his location in rural areas, making a lot of targets to kill. The rest explains itself.

4.Squidward's Suicide

Another one of the first pastas I have read, too. This pasta deserves to be up here. First of all, this is better than Red mist, uses great amounts of pics to go with it, and the animator idea was great.

3.The Russian Sleep Experiment

This is number 3 because of its great length and writing. This was number 1 worthy, but I have other in mind. The idea of the sleeping gas and people dying after sleeping off of the gas was well planed.

2.NES Godzilla Creepypasta

This is here for its length and huge use of pics. The pasta being of a haunted game is old now, but is used greatly in this pasta. This is probably the longest pasta I have read. I would suggest this for a story to newbies on the site.

1.The Slenderman

Give a round of applause to SLENDERMAN for making it to number 1! This is one part of why I joined creepypasta. I don't need to explain why its great, it explains itself.

Please comment what you think about my list. Links were added so you can read these if you have not yet.